MANAGE energy consumption in real time

Manage energy usage with greater accuracy and ease. Our solutions make energy use visible, at the moment it’s being used. As a result, you have powerful tools to manage your energy program. By providing real-time monitoring of your equipment’s total and specific energy consumption, you can link department, building envelope, building floor level and manufacturing production information to energy consumption. This allows you to:

  • Discover problems before they escalate
  • Identify where you can make improvements
  • Focus on reducing consumption
  • Prioritize improvements
  • Preventative Maintenance

Real-time monitoring provides real improvements

Our energy management solutions help you quickly discover problems find where to make improvements and focus on reducing consumption. EnergyPAQ is a complete energy management and control system. A self-contained module, it will track, display and store critical power consumption data from multiple power circuits around any plant or facility. Other solutions include:

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are designed to optimize efficiency and reduce consumption of your equipment.
  • Building Automation/Demand management solutions to utilitze energy efficiently and reduce kW demand charges on your bill.
  • Power Factor Correction eliminates the kVAR penalty charges on your bill and makes a more efficient use of energy at your facility.