Manage regulations efficiently

Increasing environmental and government regulations will impact a wide range of areas, from regulating access to public land for energy exploration to regulating public utilities, fuel economy standards, energy production and conservation. Energy experts at Mitsubishi Electric have built on more than 90 years of energy management success. They have unparalleled expertise and knowledge to help you understand regulatory requirements and provide the data to meet those requirements.

Gain the information you need

Arm yourself to meet regulatory demands with complete and accurate data. Our energy management experts and solutions help you obtain detailed measurements from each device and each piece of equipment in your facility. Our multi-measuring instruments provide on-board displays and configurations for immediate accuracy. In addition to measuring usage, you can constantly monitor voltage, current and harmonics to prevent sudden accidents, equipment stoppages and loss of production. For example, our Q series power measuring modules make it easy to measure current, voltage, power, power factor, effective power consumption and other information. They integrate production, quality and energy information to give you the whole picture. And, our EnergyPAQ provides a complete energy management and control system. A self-contained module, it will track, display and store critical power consumption data from multiple power circuits around any plant or facility.