Manage your entire enterprise from one system

Make your work easier. Our retail energy management solutions allow you to easily manage energy data for all of your small store locations, from almost anywhere — remote locations or your office. Our EcoWebServer III energy management solution allows you to collect, see and compare the energy data of each store. You can record and monitor equipment (freezers, refrigerators, etc.) operating status and correlate energy usage with your building automation systems and weather.

Make it easy to reduce consumption

Now you can let your entire team see energy-consuming activities and respond. Our EcoWebServer III is a simple, convenient and compact energy-saving data collection server. It provides “visible management” to ensure simple and effective energy savings. Its convenience, simplicity and effectiveness is unmatched.

  • Use web browsers to display measurement data in graphs. Functions for sending and displaying data on the web are pre-installed in the main unit of EcoWebServer III. An HTTP server function is incorporated, allowing the collected data to be uploaded to Internet/Intranet via the Ethernet.
  • Transfer data automatically and send e-mail notifications. You can add a separate e-mail server or database server to receive e-mail notifications of abnormal readings. You can also transfer data automatically and measure data storage in CSV format.