Increase efficiency, reduce consumption

Cut energy usage and improve efficiency with equipment designed for energy efficiency and conservation, such as lighting and variable frequency drives (VFDs) for your building’s HVAC system. Mitsubishi Electric’s solutions help you improve manufacturing production and lower energy consumption.

Choose equipment built for efficiency

Our full line of inverters, motors and other drive products help lift your equipments’ energy efficiency and optimize consumption. Among our products that are designed to increase efficiency and lower consumption are:

  • EnergyPAQ is a complete energy management and control system. A self-contained module, it will track, display and store critical power consumption data from multiple power circuits around any plant or facility.
  • Demand management solutions to reduce demand charges on your energy bill.
  • Variable Frequency Drives:
    • F700 Series: Mitsubishi Electric Energy inverters deliver significant energy savings. You can choose from small capacity to large inverters with excellent drive control, ease of maintenance, environmental durability and operability.
    • A701: The A701 is ideal for applications with overhauling loads or rapid start/stop cycles such as escalators, lifts & hoists and centrifuges. Other opportunities are simply customers who want to remove the problems associated with brake resistors and the heat they produce or to simplify wiring and reduce required panel space. By taking the regenerative energy from the motor and returning it to the AC line instead of transforming it into heat through a resistor, increased energy savings and improved return on investment is assured.
  • The MR-J4 series servo systems have been designed around four key future-embracing, past-revering, and user-centric concepts. These concepts are ‘Machine’, ‘Human’, ‘Ecology’ and ‘Heritage’. With these powerful ideologies, the MR-J4 servo-motion systems will offer users the platform to build the next generation machines that require the J-series’ hallmark superior performance mingled with industry operational safety trends, all the while saving users costly energy and precious real-estate. For our valued existing users, the MR-J4 servo motor and amplifier products will be a drop-in replacement for the MR-J3 series products.
  • CNC Spindle Motor provides high performance with a focus on energy and resource savings, safety and reliability