See real-time data to maintain profitability

Maintaining profitability requires controlling costs and increasing revenue. We understand that energy management is part of that equation. We help you quickly analyze and closely manage energy costs without sacrificing comfort or productivity. Our comprehensive solutions help you capture and measure energy use from:

  • A wide variety of field networks, including lighting or HVAC systems
  • Individual pieces of equipment on the factory floor
  • Measure and identify energy consumption by device, takt time, product type and  process.

Bringing energy and production together

Our e&eco-F@ctory solution is tailored to help manufacturers increase profitability. It helps you achieve two of your factory’s goals — production efficiency and energy efficiency — to achieve overall total cost reduction. You have the data you need to contain costs by correlating energy use with production line, processes, building automation systems and weather. You can monitor equipment-operating status, manage and record energy data, and analyze month-over-month and year-over-year energy data. You can control costs and identify production improvements.