Gain a competitive edge

It’s a tight global economy. Competition is fierce in all areas. You cannot take anything for granted, including energy costs and efficiency. The quality of your energy management can either strengthen or weaken your competitive position. Mitsubishi Electric helps ensure that your energy management gives you a competitive edge. Our comprehensive approach to energy management offers tools to manage energy consumption by area, by equipment, by process, day-by-day, hour-by-hour, helping your organization compete more effectively.



Collecting information and measuring the amount of energy you use helps you control costs, increasing your competitive advantage. Imagine if you can collect energy data in real time. Our energy management solutions give you accurate understanding of specific energy consumption. Our e&eco-F@ctory solution for factories helps you link production volume, and other manufacturing information, to energy use. Our EcoWebServer III helps facilities of all types measure usage and manage energy consumption easily and immediately.