01.09.2015/ Energy Intelligence on your finger tips with IoT

James Watt and Eli Whitney marked the beginning of the industrial revolution with reliable steam engines, Henry Ford’s conveyer belt saw through making vehicles massively available for all, now the Internet of Things (IoT) begins a new era of unparalleled information availability and connectivity for new possibilities not fathomable until only recently.

The Internet has already become the backbone for leading technologies in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Where applied, we are seeing IoT heighten productivity in unexpected ways. IoT intelligence not only offers significant use case to end-users to run operations efficiently to reduce downtime, but also opens a new avenue for OEMs to improve preventative maintenance matrix, design, and better service to their users.
Mitsubishi Electric’s IoT Gateway has made IoT realistic and practical with built-in scalability for a vast variety of assets at facilities, plant floors, and remote sites. Example applications that the IoT Gateway can securely connect to the Cloud include assets in building automation, data centers, remote pump stations, EV charging stations, distributed solar/wind farms, and assets on plant floors.

Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation’s IoT Gateway provides unmatched scalability and flexibility in connecting to existing smart assets, and bridging the IT gap with a simple, clean, and fast IoT solution.