01.10.2015 Solar Tracking Solution

Solar panel tracking systems optimize energy output of photovoltaic panels by positioning them to follow the sun’s path throughout the day. The sun’s position in the sky varies both with installation location, the seasons, and the time of day. Tracking [Read more]

01.10.2015 Regeneration with MR-J4 Servo – Reducing Energy

Following is a video link demonstrating a multiple axis MR-J4 servo amplifier where as an axis motor comes to a stop it will regenerate the energy back to a servo amplifier. This saves a significant amount of energy as opposed [Read more]

01.10.2015 Energy Optimization, Mitsubishi Electric VFDs can extend the life of motor

See following video on how Mitsubishi Electric VFDs can extend the life of motor. Energy savings made simple using optimum excitation control. Same model VFDs running identical motion profiles on identical motors with the only difference being that optimum excitation [Read more]

01.10.2015 Energy per part – Mitsubishi Electric in Action

Mitsubishi Electric’s technologies integrate energy on all walks of automation, from Servos, VFDs, Energy Module in PLC rack, CNCs, comprehensive portfolio of power metering. See the following video on how Mitsubishi Electric can add value to your facility and plant [Read more]

01.09.2015 Energy Management for Energy Hungry World

“You Can’t Manage Energy Use That You Don’t Measure” Department of Energy Energy Management starts with measurement stage that provides energy profile for energy daily use, by shift, weekends, month to month, seasons etc. Mitsubishi Electric offers flexible and comprehensive [Read more]