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01.14.2014 / Who is participating in Energy Management Challenge

EnergySTAR: Who is participating in Energy Management Challenge Search below for a list of facilities that measurably cost less to operate and improve the quality of our environment. These are not demonstration facilities, but rather real world buildings and plants [Read more]

01.14.2014 / Energy intelligence in plant-to-enterprise integration

Energy intelligence requires the ability to identify maintenance needs early, prevent sudden failures, and avoid unexpected downtime. It requires scheduling energy hogs to minimize their impact and being conscious of energy costs. It also means getting energy KPIs under control [Read more]

01.14.2014 / Mitsubishi Electric Automation Introduces Comprehensive Energy Monitoring and Control Solution

VERNON HILLS, Ill. – November 13th , 2012 – Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. announced today the introduction of EnergyPAQ, an energy monitoring and control solution that can help lower utility bills, reduce energy consumption and meet energy compliance standards. EnergyPAQ [Read more]

01.14.2014 / Mitsubishi Electric Automation and Powerit Solutions Join Forces to Bring Demand Management to Industrial Facilities

Vernon Hills, Illinois, August 8, 2013 – Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., has joined with Powerit Solutions to help industrial businesses reduce electricity costs and meet corporate sustainability goals. Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s EnergyPAQ energy monitoring system gives customers all the energy data they [Read more]

01.14.2014 / Web-based Energy Data Collection Solution Simplifies Energy Management in Industrial Plants and other Commercial Facilities

Vernon Hills, Illinois, November 6, 2013 – With energy prices on the rise, there’s an increasing need to monitor and manage energy use in industrial plants and other commercial facilities. However, integrating hardware and software systems is both challenging and time consuming. Mitsubishi Electric [Read more]